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Dubai Autodrome

Dubai’s Most Popular Places to Visit

Dubai is very popular all over the world and is a great tourist place to visit. Shopping is the main activity of the visitors here but there are also many great ancient and modern tourist attractions in Dubai which are worth visiting. Here are ten best places you can check out in Dubai. Dubai Autodrome […]

Must Visit Sites in Shanghai

6 Must Visit Sites in Shanghai

Shanghai is the economic capital of China. Known for its banks and commercial activities, Shanghai is a hustling and bustling city of this large country. For the novice, Shanghai is essentially split into two by the Huangpu River – Pudong and Puxi.  Pudong is the new city while Puxi is the historical part of this magnificent […]

Best Palace Hotels of Rajasthan

10 Best Palace Hotels of Rajasthan, India

The first things that come to our mind with the mention of Rajasthan are the desert and palaces. The palaces of Rajasthan are the reminders of the elegant royalty and chivalrous kings. Today, many of them have been transformed into heritage hotels that are luxury beyond imagination. Here is a list of 10 best palace […]

Bodhgaya, India

Top 5 Buddhist Destinations in Asia

Asia is synonymous with spiritualism and Buddha is the first thing that comes to our mind when talking about spirituality. Buddhists all over the world throng the various pilgrimage sites that are characteristic of the Asian landscape. Buddhist pilgrim destinations are also popular among those who love the distinctive architecture depicted by the pagodas, monasteries […]