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The Chocolate Hills

Philippines’ Bohol Island: An Unforgettable Experience

Bohol Island is located in the Central Visayas Region of the Philippines and is the 10th largest island in the nation. It lies west of Cebu Island and is separated from it by the Bohol Strait. Bohol is typically an agricultural region which is made up of capricious hills and lush jungle. There are approximately […]

Cambodias Battambang

Cambodia’s Battambang Offers Tranquility and Beauty

The fine Cambodian city of Battambang can be traced back in part to French colonialism. This intriguing destination sits in the Northwestern section of the country in Battambang Province and was one of the top producers of rice in Cambodia years ago. The city has a population of about 100,000 people these days and as […]

Beautiful City of Dali

The Beautiful City of Dali: One of China’s Best

One of the most diverse cities would have to be Dali, which is regarded as the cultural and economic heartbeat of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. It’s quite a cultural melting pot as there are approximately 25 different ethnic cultures here all living together as one. The mixture of different cultures in the city make […]

Wuzhizhou Island - Sanya

Sanya: The Hawaii of China

The wonderful Chinese city of Sanya lies in the southernmost section of Hainan Province, which means it comes with a tropical monsoon climate. It’s about 740 square miles in size and features approximately 130 miles of spectacular coastline which is home to numerous harbors. Because of its location, Sanya is known as an important trading […]


Savannakhet: One of Laos’ Most Charming Cities

If you head down to the southern region of Laos, you’ll come across the wonderful city of Savannakhet as it lies next to the famous Mekong River. When translated from its native tongue, it means the city of paradise. One of the best ways to reach Savannakhet is to drive down from the capital city […]